LWS & WPST are 2 different systems that can be applied to any type of wet installation
In a bathroom, one would ideally apply a LWS to the floor and WPST to the wall(s).

LWS is a liquid waterproofing system. This consists of waterproofing with the cold application of liquid resins forming a continuous, waterproof and crack-resistant coating following polymerisation. A LWS is mainly used for application around drains. A LWS must be applied on a dry screed and the ground must have a minimum slope of 1%. All singular points (corners, junctions) must be treated with LAZER uncoupling strips. OUR LWSS & WPST are delivered with CSTB technical notices. WPST is a Water Protection System under Tiling. Caution: a WPST does not ensure the waterproofing of a structure. They are intended to protect water-sensitive substrates.

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